New Ad Highlights Gentner Drummond’s Donation To Joe Biden

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Drummond Is A Never Trump Republican Who Stands With Biden

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor released the following statewide television ad highlighting that Gentner Drummond donated $1,000 to Joe Biden to defeat President Donald Trump.  

Through his donation, Drummond is responsible for Joe Biden who has created a crisis on our southern border, record-high inflation, and an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan that made America look weak.    


“It’s a simple fact: after he lost his 2018 Attorney General race, Gentner Drummond showed his true colors with conservatives, donating $1,000 to elect Joe Biden to the White House and revealing himself as a never Trumper,” said Attorney General John O’Connor. “Trump supporters and conservatives can’t trust Gentner Drummond, because he financially supported Joe Biden whose liberal policies have resulted in an immigration crisis, out of control inflation and record-high gas prices.


When Oklahoma Republicans rejected Gentner Drummond for attorney general, Drummond got mad..

And joined the Never Trumpers. Betraying Donald Trump and helping the left elect Joe Biden.   

Drummond even bankrolled Biden’s campaign to defeat Trump.

Drummond gave us Biden.

Biden gave us a border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, a disaster in Afghanistan.

Gentner Drummond betrayed Trump.

Gentner Drummond – a Never-Trumper who should never be attorney general.